Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69 N, Den Haag


€ 1.150 p.m. ex.
Service charges
€ 65 p.m.
2585 EW Den Haag
Upper floor apartment
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Garage, Parking spot
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  • Description

    Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69 N "Church"

    The Residence Copes is located in a safety area in the center of The Hague. The apartments building is easy to reach and near highways like the A13, A4 and A44. To reach the building you can also use the public transport. The central station of The Hague is at a stone’s trow of the Residence Copes.

    The photo in apartment 69N was specially modified to fit the long wall of the apartment. The original picture was a reflection in a window of the Monastery Church. This church is located at the Lange Voorhout and has experienced a lot in his life. Around 1400 the church was built as part of a monastery of the Dominicans. After the Spaniards were expelled, a new era started for the monks in the monastery. Catholicism fell into disfavour during the "iconoclastic" (1566) and the interior of the church was destroyed. After a while they even wanted to brake down the entire church. However, even then the residents of The Hague hated demolition. They were used to the building and protested fiercely. As a result the church was preserved, but was leased to a hospital and used as a stable and after that it became even a cannon foundry (1588). Of the monastery there is only left an old wall with gates. If you walk into the street next to the church you can see it. The image you see in apartment 69N was made in that alley. In 1617 remonstrant church companions occupied the church and brought it back to its original condition. Over the years the church was restored to its former glory. In 1625 Frederik Hendrik and Amalia van Solms got married, the present King Willem Alexander has done his creed and his daughter was baptised in this church. Fahrenheit (1686-1736) is buried there and there is a memorial plaque with a thermometer in the hallway.

    Additional information apartment Church
    This apartment depends in several respects from the other apartments in Residence Copes. Below you will find which features apartment Church contains.

    Apartment Church is located on the front of the buidling.
    Compact apartment
    The appartment contains a seperate toilet.
    General information apartment
    The apartments have a number of features. Below you will find all features which all apartments contains.

    You can compare the apartments with a 5 star hotel.
    All apartments in the Residence Copes get an own gas, water and electricity meter.
    The bathroom of all apartments are featured by both a power shower and hand shower. Furthermore, all bathrooms and toilets possess beautiful and accurate tilling work.
    With the exception of apartments 69C, 69G en 69Q all apartments owns a separate toilet.
    The apartments get an optimal use of the surface. This is because each apartment has its own design of furniture.
    Each apartment has a central heating. The temperature in the apartment can be changed by using a thermostat.
    Each apartment get a videophone.
    The kitchen of the apartments contains about a lot of kitchen equipment. An apartment in the Residence Copes get a combination oven, dishwasher, fridge, induction cooker, Nespresoo coffeemaker, kettle and a toaster. This makes it ideal to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    The apartments are completed by craftsmanship.

    rental price inclusieve €1.460,- inclusive advance payment gas, water, electricty, internet service cost and cleaning.
    directly available

  • Location

    [ { "address": "Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69", "zipCode": "2585 EW", "city": "Den Haag", "lat": 52.0909115, "lng": 4.3053065, "heading": 0, "pitch": 0 } ]
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