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purchase counseling

We can guide you completely in your search, negotiations and the final purchase of your dream home. For this we use a fee from € 1.995 excluding VAT.

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Free subscription for rentals

Register with Hekking and we will keep you informed of rental properties that apply to your wishes.

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Free valuation

Do you have sales plans? Invite us for a free valuation which we work with you within 24 hours of the resale value of your home.

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Houses wanted for sale

We are looking for older and / or original homes in and around The Hague.
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Completely renovated houses

Ready homes that will soon be on sale.
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Newest homes

Smaragdhorst 272
2592 RW Den Haag

850 p.m. ex.
Hulststraat 30
2563 GC Den Haag

252500 k.k.
Prins Mauritslaan 71 b
2582 LP Den Haag

2750 p.m. ex.
Badhuisweg 11 q
2587 CA Den Haag

1210 p.m. ex.