The value of real estate is unique. After all, each object is different and a thorough knowledge of and feeling for the market in the valuation of each specific object is essential.

A valuation may be required for a purchase, sale, financing, division of property, cadastral division, tax purposes or simply to determine your financial position in relation to your property. A proper valuation is immensely important for the customer. After all, when taking of a good decision the appraisal is the basis.

By determining the correct value you get certainty in determining your strategy regarding your property. That includes technical judgments and the degree of marketability, which obviously are part of  it.

Every day we value houses, business objects, and specific real estate,for both individuals and institutions, investors and businesses. Our brokers / appraisers have the required qualifications, up-to-date knowledge thanks to the annual training of the NVM, knowledge of the market and they have a lot of experience. They approach each object critical but nuanced in which the value  is established with great expertise.

Our valuation of housing meets the requirement 2002 NVM model . This model has been established in consultation with the NVM, the Consumers and the Association of Dutch bankers and accepted by all banks and by the Homeownership Guarantee accommodations for the National Mortgage Warranty.

The valuation report includes at least the following elements:

  • the description of the property;
  • the environmental factors;
  • the degree of marketability;
  • The architectural and engineering judgment;
  • cadastral information and business rights;
  • value judgment basis;
  • Photo (s) of the appraised.

With regard to commercial real estate, we report combined own models designed to conform us with a comprehensive performance analysis.

We guarantee that, after inclusion of the property, the reporting related to houses will be released within 2 working days by us. With contracts for valuation of commercial real estate, the report is delivered within a maximum of 10 days.

Our rates for valuation depends on the type of property and the required valuation. Therefore, we invite you via email or telephone to contact us. We can then offer a tailored rate.

Each year, almost 200 clients request an appraisal from us.

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